Forefront Cases® Google Nexus Pixel C Leather Folding Smart Case Cover Stand (RED)

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Your New Forefront Cases® Google Nexus Pixel C Case

This exclusive Forefront Cases® smart cover is designed specifically to fit and protect the New Google Nexus Pixel C. The cases inbuilt Auto Sleep / Wake function will put your tablet to standby or wake it up by simply opening or closing it.

Unique Folding design allows for positioning your Google Nexus Pixel C in vertical, horizontal and typing position making it ideal for any use.

With precision cut outs all the cameras, microphones, buttons, connections and speakers remain fully accessible. No reason to remove your Google Nexus Pixel C for any function.

The case is made using the finest sourced materials to ensure a classy look and feel. The inner suede microfibre lining is anti-dust to remove any dust or dirt from your screen to prevent marks or scratches. The Form fitted hard shell provides unrivalled protection from bumps and knocks while the PU Leather provides fantastic durability.

8 reviews for Forefront Cases® Google Nexus Pixel C Leather Folding Smart Case Cover Stand (RED)

  1. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Five Stars

    By Peter Randazzo on 9 December 2017

    Perfect fit for my Pixel C. Arrived earlier than scheduled.

  2. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Five Stars

    By Stephen Cooper on 4 December 2017

    Fits perfectley

  3. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Nice protective case

    By Matthew Wex on 2 November 2016

    Brilliant case, low profile but functional.

  4. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Top Quality case for Pixel C

    By Neil Turner on 26 December 2016

    One of the only decent cases available for the Pixel C. Beautiful tight fit. Holes cut out in all the right places for camera, speakers etc. Quality feels excellent especially considering the very decent price. Also has the magnetic on/off capabilities too. Very happy with it!

  5. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Ace for the money

    By seeker-of-turth on 30 January 2017

    This is a far better fit than a more expansive one I had which cracked on the corners

  6. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Top product for a small price

    2 March 2017

    The product was delivered within a week, and even to Switzerland for a fair postage (while most Amazon stores do not deliver or only with horrendous postage in the CH!).

    I really like the shell itself:
    – It is bright red and beautifully finished.
    – The plastic surround is black, which was the main reason for me to order this case (because it fits better on the screen and thus less noticeable)
    – The case fits perfectly on my Pixel C. All switches, speakers, battery indicator, plugs etc. are generously cut out and thus easily accessible -> my OTG USB stick can be easily plugged in, for example, without having to remove the cover!
    – The case can be attached quickly AND easily remove without annoying fumble.
    – The stand function works perfectly, as well as the car on / off the screen when opening / closing the case.
    – I did not detect any negative points after 10 days of intensive testing.

    Conclusion: top product for a small price! 🙂

  7. Amazon Verified Purchase

    custom-made suit

    December 10, 2017

    Fits the tablet like a glove: I previously had a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet with an original (!) Samsung case. This case looks more valuable and robust, the necessary recesses are perfectly attached, the functionality (protection, two stand positions, tablet can easily be “clicked” again) contains everything useful. And last but not least, it does not contribute too much.

  8. Amazon Verified Purchase

    pixel sleeve c

    By cristobal leon robledo on November 20, 2017

    Very beautiful case that fits perfectly. I do not know how the quality will be because it has not happened time but the aspect is very good.

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