Forefront Cases® Kobo Glo HD Shell Smart Case Cover Stand (PURPLE)

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Your New Forefront Cases® Kobo Glo HD Case

This exclusive Forefront Cases® smart cover is designed specifically to fit and protect the Kobo Glo HD. The cases inbuilt Auto Sleep / Wake function will put your tablet to standby or wake it up by simply opening or closing it.

With precision cut outs all the cameras, microphones, buttons, connections and speakers remain fully accessible. No reason to remove your Kobo Glo HD for any function.

The case is made using the finest sourced materials to ensure a classy look and feel. The inner suede microfibre lining is anti-dust to remove any dust or dirt from your screen to prevent marks or scratches. The Form fitted hard shell provides unrivalled protection from bumps and knocks while the PU Leather provides fantastic durability.

22 reviews for Forefront Cases® Kobo Glo HD Shell Smart Case Cover Stand (PURPLE)

  1. Amazon Verified Purchase

    sleep mode

    16 November 2016

    Perish the thought, but I rather like the way it goes into sleep mode on folding back on itself. The extra cover gives me something to hold on to when reading one handed. Early days, but I think I’ll like it

  2. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Excellent quality

    26 April 2017

    Excellent product, highly recommend this seller 5stars, excellent

  3. Amazon Verified Purchase

    good value for money and excellent product quality

    25 November 2015

    Fast delivery, good value for money and excellent product quality.

  4. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Good case for Kobo Glo HD

    15 February 2016

    The black case is good quality and a perfect fit, I’m really happy with it.

    I bought a red one for my wife’s kobo and the vinyl cover on the back was different to mine – it does not over the back of the case fully and doesn’t look quite as good.

  5. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Forefront Case

    12 February 2016

    I ordered this case for my new Kobo Glow HD Reader. I would highly recommend this Supplier, excellent service & prompt delivery. The case itself is a perfect fit & pure quality.

  6. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Case that makes a good impression

    16th August 2015

    I first had a case of Coodio, which was badly processed and the frame was so tight that it jumped out of the device. Forefront has created a case that reminds me of the quality of Sony cases – it fits everything. The surface is slightly gummed and gives a good grip. I do not use the enclosed protective film because it reflects. The touchstick works well, but is just a nice gadget for an eReader.

  7. Amazon Verified Purchase

    A lack…..

    April 15, 2016

    In itself, a pretty shell, and also light and well made. But why I do not use them is that when you flip the lid, the magnetic closure triggers the sleep mode …..

  8. Amazon Verified Purchase

    The case is OK

    September 13, 2016

    The Kobo GLO HD fits very well in the case. Unfortunately, I sent the eBook Reader back because of several shortcomings.

  9. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Beautiful and practical case for Kobo Glo Reader

    August 13, 2016

    In some places on the front are small bubbles where the glue does not hold properly. But otherwise very functional and handy when reading.

  10. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Fits perfectly

    16th April 2016

    My Kobo Ebook Reader fits perfectly in the case. The reader also goes into sleep mode properly when closing the case. And of course he wakes up again when you open the case.
    The material feels pleasant. And I think it’s imitation leather.
    The included pen (I even had two pieces in the delivery!) Is a nice gimmick. But since I can not attach the pen to the case, it is now in the drawer. The touch operation is quite good.

  11. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Looks good

    February 26, 2016

    Looks great and works smoothly. Better than the original. The automatic wake up is great and always works the same. I can recommend the case!

  12. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Forefront Cases red

    January 14, 2016

    Delivery came promptly and flawlessly; my Kobo fits perfectly in the case;
    The color and appearance of the envelope corresponded to the pictures; Qualitatively makes the case a very good impression, they can recommend to buy and would buy them immediately.

  13. Amazon Verified Purchase

    See good article and very good customer service

    January 5, 2016

    High quality case for the Kobo Glo HD. I had ordered the wrong item and was refunded the purchase amount without returning the envelope.

  14. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Fits great, good protection

    December 20, 2015

    I already had another case, which was so tight that you could not get the reader out of the case without some violence. Also, the charging socket was covered, although intended for this model. That’s all over now. This case fits like a glove. The reader is easy to remove, the connections are freely accessible, the sleep and wake-up modes work. The shell does not smell, has a good feel. What more do you want. Simply unbeatable for the price.

  15. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Case in order

    January 20, 2016

    The case is on the whole ok. I’m not sure if it’s real leather. The Kobo engages well in the plastic inner shell, but it is very difficult to get out again.
    I was disappointed with the very long delivery time.
    Ordered on 02.01.2016, allegedly sent on 05.01., Delivery announced between 11.01. and 15.01., actually arrived only on 20.01.2016. And only then, when I asked again urgently. That is still in need of improvement.

  16. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Forefront case for Kobo Glo HD – does not close properly

    January 4, 2016

    I just bought this case for Kobo Glo HD just before Christmas.

    The big problem is that the e-reader fits in the hard case, BUT the cover does not close properly (similar problem as described by hogfellow below).
    The result is that the ereader is not properly protected and that the auto-sleep function does not work.
    In short though the case looks good, it does a lousy job.

    I contact Forefront via Amazon e-mail. Although Forefront claims to be within 12 hours, that did not happen so far.
    I assume this is because of the holiday season.
    I want to keep you posted.

  17. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Very pleasant material

    November 6, 2015

    Super cover – very comfortable material, fits well
    and the fifth star would be there for a shock absorbing rubber coating
    otherwise my HD feels comfortable

  18. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Makes the reader higher quality and protects it

    2 November 2015

    A nice “dust jacket” for the Kobo Glo HD. The fit is good and the quality looks good too.
    The recesses for the on / off switch and the USB charging socket are well dimensioned.

  19. Amazon Verified Purchase

    As a stopgap ok

    April 3, 2017

    Optically ok. Fit is good too. Sleep mode works.
    But the sleep mode is also on, if you flip the flap to the back. It’s frustrating. You always have to hold a finger between them. This is not thought out somehow. For a safe transport but completely sufficient.

  20. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Ok for the price

    July 7, 2016

    Ok for the price, unfortunately, the sleep mode, if you fold the front to the back. This means you have to keep the case open like a book – that’s a great advantage of the Ebook.
    In addition, there were already two relatively large scratches on the front.

  21. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Lightweight and stable

    September 23, 2015

    For those who are interested: The case is light and weighs 96 g.
    Otherwise, I can only say good things. It is stable, the magnets are not too strong and also covered, so that they are not herausgezogrn, as with other brands.

  22. Amazon Verified Purchase

    Favorite cover for Ebookreader

    October 17, 2015

    Very good cover! Perfect fit and good, quality material. Have it been a long time for my Kindle Paperwhite in use and it works fine!

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