Forefront Cases Motorola One Power HD Hydrogel Screen Protector Guard | Pack of 5

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How many times have you accidentally dropped or scratched your Motorola phone?

No matter how careful you are in keeping your phone safe and sound, you can’t really control the natural wear and tear of your mobile’s exteriors. Aside from scratches, your phone may have already accumulated its fair share of dust and smudges due to constant use.

But with the help of advanced technology, you can now make your Moto One Power phone screen look as brand new as possible using Forefront Cases hydrogel screen protector.

Other screen protectors don’t consider the curved edges of your mobile phone, resulting in unwanted screen bubbles and edge gaps. But this hydrogel screen cover offers full-screen edge-to-edge coverage that conforms with your screen’s natural shape so that even the curved edges are well-protected.

Its hydrogel layer also renders it tough, shockproof, and force-resistant, even more so than standard tempered glass protectors. Plus, it has an oleophobic coating that makes it resistant to minor scratches, fingerprints, smudges, and dust accumulation. In fact, its self-healing technology gets rid of minor scratches within 24-48 hours.

Despite all these layers and coatings, the screen shield remains ultra-thin, so your phone’s touchscreen sensitivity won’t be affected.

The Forefront Cases hydrogel screen protector also:

Has an easy-to-follow installation video so you can install it yourself

Protects your phone from UV rays

Fits any phone case

Keeps your phone’s high-definition and ultra-clear display

Add the Forefront Cases hydrogel screen protector to your basket and never worry about unwanted phone screen smudges and scratches ever again!


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