Forefront Cases Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 HD Screen Protector Guard | Pack of 3

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Are you looking to protect your expensive Samsung’s display screen?

That moment when you drop your Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 and everything stops. You can hear your heart race, everything turns gray, the world around you goes silent as you see your Samsung Galaxy S4 10.5 spinning in slow motion towards the hard ground. How will it land? Will you get lucky this time or will your screen shatter?

Let’s face it, our phones and tablets are not equipped to stand up against trials of everyday life. Accidents are often unavoidable and our precious gadgets can get damaged in a number of different ways, but are you really doing enough to protect this huge investment?

For many people, minor scratches are okay but if you plan to sell your gadget in the future, keeping it in tip-top shape is key to getting a good deal.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Prevent your screen from breaking While Preserving its Original Esthetical Design with Forefront Cases’ Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 Inch Tablet 2018 SM-T830/T835 PET Screen Protector.

This premium PET Screen Protector comes with an ultra-hard layer not allowing dust and water to adhere to the screen.

The processed shield provides extensive protection from outside damages and scratches including sharp objects like coins and keys.

Still not convinced? The screen protector also comes with more benefits:

Fits perfectly with highly precise cuts that doesn’t add bezel thickness

Cut-out holes for Cameras, Microphones or Speakers

Easy to install, air-tight seal

100% money-back guarantee

Hassle-free customer service

Guard your screen and your heart by adding our PET Screen Protector to your cart TODAY!


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